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Some Things to Remember While Writing


If It Works, It Works

Are you worried about whether it’s okay to write a book with only one character? Or if it’s possible to kill off the hero at the end? Or if you can create horse-dragon hybrid?

Look, if it works for your story, it works. You are a writer. A creator. You’re supposed to be creative and daring and you’re supposed to put your passion into these stories. If you can make something work, for your story, then it works.

There is an Audience for Everything

There is literally an audience for everything. If you really love your idea about undercover robot lesbian cops who work in a coffee shop on a space station that serves thousands of aliens each day, then someone else will probably love it too.

You Have No Obligation

You do not have to show your writing to anyone, especially your first draft. 

You do not have to publish all of your stories online or elsewhere.

You do not have to change the ending of your story if a disgruntled fan wanted something else to happen.

Your Story Will Have Similarities

True originality no longer exists and the obsession with originality will prevent you from getting any writing done. It will make your writing suffer. Do not let the fear of not being original enough stop you from writing a great story. All stories have similarities to each other, even when they are vastly different.

This is okay. This is normal.

Your First Draft is the Written Version of “I’ll Fix it Later”

The first draft is where you are allowed to procrastinate on the details. If you write a scene that isn’t well organized or a major info dump, just tell yourself you’ll fix it later. The only thing you have to do in your first draft is finish it.

Later drafts are where you clean everything up by rewriting the entire story.

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